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proudly going where most dentists have not gone before

A big part of providing the Fergus Falls region with the best dental care possible is staying ahead of the curve when it comes to new technology. Some examples of how LifeSmiles Dental leverages the latest technologies to optimize your dental care include:

High-tech Digital Imaging

Digital dental x-rays are comfortable, quick and provide very low exposure to radiation. The high resolution imagery catches issues earlier which can mean a simple fix instead of a more involved procedure.

Digital Scanner

Using a digital scanner means no more putty-filled messes when taking an impression. Our highly accurate digital impressions are easy, quick, and sent electronically to our lab technicians to fabricate crowns, bridges, dentures, and more.

Solea Laser

Improving your dental health doesn’t have to elicit anxiety. Solea is an all-tissue dental laser that results in a fast, comfortable, and precise experience. In many cases it also eliminates the need for anesthetic. Having work done on your teeth shouldn’t mean an added case of anxiety. Visit us to see just how comfortable modern dental care can be.

Nitrous Oxide
“Happy air” or “laughing gas” helps you relax and feel at ease during your visit, creating a more comfortable experience and reducing anxiety.

 Televisions are mounted on our ceilings with headphones for you to sit back, relax and watch whatever your heart desires during your visit.